Junk sale

From: William Donzelli <william_at_ans.net>
Date: Sat Apr 25 20:42:05 1998

...mostly because I do not want to throw the stuff out/scrap it...

(1) Miniscribe 8425SA drive, removed from a Mac Plus. I assume it works
still, but do not quote me on that. It seemed to power up fine just a
few minutes ago. The Mac was in very poor condition, so
that got scrapped.

(1) Kaypro 81-045-02 PeeCee. This appears to be their version of the XT
(oh, joy), but unlike most clones, is a little better built. It uses no
motherboard, just a passive backplane with a CPU card. This one has a 20
meg Seagate drive and a Samsung (yuck!) CGA tube. It works, and has only
DOS 5.0 on it. The nice thing about this is that most of the chips are

(5) Ink ribbons for the IBM 5103 printer. Still sealed, these come with a
goofy plastic glove for the CE. OK, so there are probably not even five
5103s left in the world...

(1) Computer Wharehouse Store catalog, Spring-Summer 1977. SWTPC! Imsai!
Kim-1! $1200 floppy drives! A slice from the "good old days" of the micro.
The pages are a bit yellow, but in good shape. The cover is also nice, but
the previous owner scribbled his name on the top.

Really, if _anyone_ wants any of this stuff, speak up and make a SILLY
offer. I will ship anything but the Kaypro (I could deliver it to RCS/RI
in Providence, RI, however). Trades are good for the stuff as well. Not
first come first serve - I will decide "winners" in a day or two, just to
give those with restricted or slow email a chance.

William Donzelli
Carmel, NY 10512
Received on Sat Apr 25 1998 - 20:42:05 BST

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