Info/docs on tube tester?

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Sat Apr 25 23:33:01 1998

On 25 Apr 98 at 21:45, William Donzelli wrote:

> > Ok, since I intend to use this thing to work on computer related gear older
> > than 10 years old (my 083 card sorter for example), I'm proclaiming this
> > inquiry off-limits for random flamage! B^}
> Use a real tube tester (TV-7*/U or the like)!
 Why does this remind me of a PC newsgroup post ? : ^ ))

EICO was considered higher quality than Heath Kits audio gear and made
excellent test equipment for the home-tech market in the tube era. Many
old-tube enthusiasts still use them . NOS tubes go at a higher premium than the
only available new Sovtech or defective Chinese ones cause they're better
quality. Why not use equipment extant to when they were produced ? And will
any of the logic analysers, for example, of the present era still be functional
in the year 2040 ?
 Even more off-topic; but many high-end audio people are spending
big bucks for tube-emulators to breathe the life into their digital CDs.,
that I get, matter of course, on my 45 year old EICO tube amps.

> > Does anyone out there have info (like the tube/switch charts) for an EICO
> > Model 635 portable tube tester? I've picked up one that is in very good
> > shape, but is otherwise useless without the charts for switch settings.
 I have a model 625 I use for old audio equipment. If it's anything like my
m.625 they're a neat little machine. They do the job. I don't know if the
settings are the same for the 635. Ask on and/or and
someone should know. If so I'll see if I can get a scan of my sheets and send
them on to you.

> What tubes do you need to test? I could post the numbers to the
> Boatanchors list, and someone will probably have the settings on hand.
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
 Bill I'm shocked. Hope that list name was chosen in derision of the throw-away
generation. : ^ ))

> William Donzelli
ciao larry
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