Info on Teletek SBC-1

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Sun Apr 26 10:18:49 1998

< Does anyone have info on a Teletek SBC-1 Z80-based single-board
<computer? Copyright is 1981. It's loaded except for RAM (from what I can
<see). It has a Z80 CPU, PIO, SIO, and CTC. There are a couple of blank
<sockets, and a TMM2016P-2 memory chip (a 2716??). It appears to be built
<a S-100 card.

First off 2016 is a byte wide ram. I sounds like someone stripped the
card. The SBC-1 was a complete Z80cpu(4 or 6mhz)/64kram/eprom/IO card
it was designed to be used as a slave to the Systemaster cpu card. The
2016 was used to create a FIFO so that block IO coul be used to
communicate with it. the only thing it lacked to be a complete S100
cp/m system on a board was disk IO. The system master card had all that
and FDC as well.

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