Freebies up for grabs!

From: Bruce Lane <>
Date: Sun Apr 26 12:36:46 1998

        Time to clean out at least part of my garage, especially in light of the
new arrivals. All offerings are freebies, though it would be nice if I
could get -something- in trade. ;-)

        Please bear in mind two things.

        1). I cannot ship anything other than the books. The disk and tape drives
are too darn big and heavy, and would require specialized packaging in any

        2). Dave Jenner has first pick since he E-mailed me this morning before I
posted the list. I'll post an update if he wants any of the stuff.

        With that in mind, I have the following to offer:

        1). HP 7974 9-track vertical tape drive, with all mounting hardware. 1600
BPI, Pertec interface, supplied with the hardware to convert it (if
desired) to a GPIB interface. Excellent condition, powers up and loads
fine, have not actually tested it with a working system.

        2). (Definitely a freebie!) 83-84 vintage System Industries SMD disk
drive. Spins up, makes lots of noise, don't know if it works. Comes with
mounting rails.

        3). Cipher 880 tape drive, dual-density (1600/3200). Condition: Who knows?

        4). Books! I've got spare copies of:

                DEC's 'Microsystems Handbook' for 1985
                DEC's 'Introduction to Minicomputer Networks' vintage 1974
                Everex 'Step 386' owner's manual
                DEC PDP11 'Programming Card' quick-reference, vintage July 1975
                DEC DHV11 Technical Manual.

        Any takers?

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