Kaypro PC's (was: Junk sale (new offer))

From: Russ Blakeman <rhblake_at_bbtel.com>
Date: Sun Apr 26 23:02:37 1998

Zane H. Healy wrote:

> >I remember Kaypro (Non-Linear Systems, wasn't it?) going up in flames when
> >
> >I don't remember ever seeing a desktop PC coming from them. Anybody know
> >how rare this box is? Sounds like a keeper.
> Well, I'd thought Kaypro PC's were fairly common ~1986 time frame. One of
> the local Computer dealers was Kaypro only. My Mom bought a Kaypro PC in
> July of '86 right after I went into the Navy, and about a year latter I
> bought a
> Kaypro 2000 laptop (V20 based DOS PC) from the same dealer, and later a
> base unit and Kodak Diconix printer.
> IIRC they made both XT and AT clones, and were normally bundled with a
> whole suite of productivity software the main piece being Wordstar. Pretty
> good systems.

I've got processor, memory and a planar board from a Kaypro PC and I've worked
on a bunch that a certain homestudy school included with their course material
around 1987. It wasn't NRI, they gave out a crap Sanyo silver demon. I think it
was ICS.

Anyway they are more closely related to the Zenith planar type machines of the
same period. Made for sure by Kaypro but not very well supported by them.
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