Logic State Analyser

From: Pete Turnbull <pete_at_dunnington.u-net.com>
Date: Sun Apr 26 06:15:57 1998

On Apr 26, 19:19, Olminkhof wrote:
> Subject: Logic State Analyser
> I have been rearranging my storage area and uncovered a HP 1611A Logic
> State Analyser fitted with a Z80 option that I picked up a few years ago.
> I have no idea what one would do with this. Should I cherish it? Play
> it?
> Does one need the specific manual or are these generic and perhaps
> explained in standard texts?
> There are a number of plugin points for various types of probes, none of
> which I have off course. It powers up fine though.

AFAIR the ordinary probes are just micro-hooks on single wires, which plug
into a little distribution box on the end of a ribbon cable.

It's quite a nice analyser, so "play with it" gets my vote. It was also
quite popular, so I expect you could find manuals if you look/ask around.
 I'm sure we have some 1611s or 1610s in the labs. If you want me to take
a look at them next week, shout. There's also a description of both
models, and several examples of use, in John Lenk's book "How To
Troubleshoot And Repair Microcomputers" -- which IMHO isn't a very good
book, but there seem to be lots of old copies of it about, and in

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