Junk sale (results)

From: William Donzelli <william_at_ans.net>
Date: Mon Apr 27 14:22:21 1998

> I think yes, you are the only person with a 5103 printer. I have a 5100
> but no printer. Didn't know until your message that they even made one!

Hmmm...a bit of a suprise.

> I am interested in this --
> (1) Computer Wharehouse Store catalog, Spring-Summer 1977. SWTPC! Imsai!
> Kim-1! $1200 floppy drives! A slice from the "good old days" of the micro.
> The pages are a bit yellow, but in good shape. The cover is also nice, but
> the previous owner scribbled his name on the top.
> -- if it's still available.

No, it has gone to a new home.

The Kaypro also has a new home, but the ribbons and Mac disk do not. The
ribbons are small, so I will hold on to them, but the drive will be in
many little pieces tonight.

William Donzelli
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