Info on Teletek SBC-1

From: Jack Peacock <>
Date: Mon Apr 27 19:46:18 1998

    I had never seen that Toshiba chip before. The 2716 was just a guess
based on the part number. I'd guess that it's 200ns RAM. Is it a 2kw

The Toshiba part was a regular 2016/6116 2KBx8 static RAM. Same pinout
as the 2716 except for the additional WR* line. IIRC there were LP (low
power CMOS) versions too, various speed grades.

SDS (S.D. Sales) made an S-100 similar to the Teletek, except it could
be configured as either a bus master main Z80 CPU card or a slave card.
In master mode it had a memory manager, I think the full 24 bits. In
slave mode the on-board 64KB of RAM could be memory mapped on a 64K
boundary anywhere in the full 24-bit S-100 address space. It had a
serial port (maybe 2, SIO or DART?) and a SASI port, the early
predecessor of SCSI.

It didn't have much in the way of software support for the slave mode,
so I haven't done anything with it. My ambition is to make it a Z80
co-processor card in a Concurrent DOS system 80286 system.
        Jack Peacock
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