Tony Cole's Cray-1

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Tue Apr 28 06:44:11 1998

<From: Doug Yowza <>

<and is populated rather sparsely by chips with date codes from '80 and
<'81. The chips seem to be from Fairchild primarily (the 32 F10470's loo
<like they might be RAM). From Mr. Cole's "limited edition" markings, I
<gather that there were 400 of these boards in his Cray-1.

The Cray-1 was ECL-10k fast for it's time but low density and rams for
that technology were 1 or 4k ECL bipolar. ECL had several
characteristics, FAST, high power consumption and low density. The
copper plate worked with a cooling system to conduct the heat away as
that machine was impossible to air cool and remain that small. Why
small? Conductors propagate singnals at 1nS a foot and a cable of several
feet actually represented a significant delay to the overall sheme of
things inside.

A note: The other commonly known and slightly more recent ECL machine
was the DEC VAX9000, built using ECL-100k built on custom air cooled
hybrids. It also consumed power in great quantities and had special
cooling considerations.

<Any idea how much RAM is on the board? Can I interface the board to my
<Sinclair ZX-81 to create the world's most perverse hybrid?

Your could but the interface would be more than the two combined and it
would eat an amazing amount of power.

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