MCA card

From: Max Eskin <>
Date: Tue Apr 28 16:46:14 1998

Interesting. I was in the library today, and I happened to glance
on the back of a VT-220 they had. I thought it was video, because of
the icon, but then I said to my friend, "Cool! It can do ethernet!"
>of collisions and other strange things. Looked like one of the
>on it had gone crazy and was jabbering, but turning off one machine at
>time didn't help things.
>OK, time to grab a 'scope. What on earth was that? It looks like
>composite video. It _is_ composite video. OK, time to trace the cable.
>You guessed it. Some luser had plugged a spare t-piece on the thinwire
>segment onto the back of a VT220.
>I can't remember what LART I used ;-)
>> Jack Peacock

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