What's up with xkleten?

From: Daniel A. Seagraves <DSEAGRAV_at_toad.xkl.com>
Date: Wed Apr 29 07:28:57 1998

[WHat happened to xkleten?]
It's running now, don't know what happened.

[As for old books...]
I have a few old (KA-10 era) PDP-10 books:
PDP-10 SYSTEM REFRENCE, some DEC sales material (Introducing the EXPANDABLE
PDP-10!) and other miscellaneous. The pictures are wonderful, I'm gonna try
scanning them someday.
A good one is PDP-10 APPLICATIONS IN SCIENCE, a magazine-type thing, one of
the articles is DEBUGGING IN SIMULATION by Robert Supnik...
It's plenty old, but I'm not sure of a date, there is no date on the book.
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