University of Washington surplus sale?

From: John Foust <>
Date: Wed Apr 29 10:13:12 1998

I wrote:
>I found a somewhat stale lead (last November) on three or four
>Terak computers that were sold at the monthly University of Washington
>surplus sale. Is there anyone on the list familiar with this sale?

And then several people posted "tell me more". All I know is
I found a mention via a search engine of three Teraks that were
about to be tossed to their surplus center, and when I called
the surplus center (University Surplus Property Warehouse, 206-685-1573)
they said they auction 60-70 pallets of computers each month, so
they had no recollection of these Teraks. Someone in the UW area
must've got them! I hope they're not dumpstered. I also hold a
slim hope that they weren't sold, and are still for sale.

See my web site for an image of a Terak. Find them and send
them to me. :-)

- John
Jefferson Computer Museum <>
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