Kickstart and Workbench 1.2 for Amiga 1000

From: Ward Donald Griffiths III <>
Date: Wed Apr 29 19:26:17 1998

John Foust wrote:
> "James L. Rice" <> wrote:
> >I've acquired a Amiga 1000 with monitor, mouse, scsi sidecar that try's
> >to boot up, but after booting kickstart, it asks for the Workbench 1.2
> >disk. My disk seems to be defective because the drive cycles and the
> >picture of the workbench disk comes back up. Does anyone out there have
> >a copy?
> The symptoms you describe could also mean that your disk drive is
> out of alignment. Early Amiga OSes were floppy-bound and did a lot
> of gronking, which wore out a lot of drives.

Plus the stock drives (Hitachi? it's been awhile) were (I'm trying
and failing to come up with a nice word) shitty. When Data Systems
West in Sherman Oaks delivered an A-2000 to the entertainment industry
(some of our machines were involved with the early days of "Babylon 5"
years later), the stock drives were replaced with TEACs. Of course,
the typical Amiga system we delivered was close to $20k -- we didn't
sell any A-500s as a matter of (the boss's) policy. [I was there
mostly to support Unix sales -- but the Amiga gooroo and I were two of
the three smokers who had to nick out the back door occasionally -- we
exchanged a lot of data.] Eventually I will own an Amiga, but it will
be modified much the way David's was and rack mounted.
Ward Griffiths
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