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From: SUPRDAVE <SUPRDAVE_at_aol.com>
Date: Wed Apr 29 20:42:31 1998

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<< Hi. After getting a new M Board for my XT and a load of cards, I found
 my Power Supply's now completely dead. So, where to I start? No fan, moves
 a turn or two, I know that the power connections good.
     Thanks, >>

heres a quick and dirty way to test one:
if you have a hard drive, plug that into one of the power connectors, then hit
the switch. that will let you know if its working or not. this test will work,
as i use an xt supply just to run a scsi drive for my mac when i bring it out
for testing once in a while. if not working, i have several extra xt supplies
i need to get rid of. message me privately if interested.

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