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From: Uncle Roger <>
Date: Thu Apr 30 00:28:49 1998

At 07:14 PM 4/28/98, you wrote:
>GRID 8088 XT Laptop. Rugged Construction. 720k FDD, No HDD, 512k Mem,
>SER/PAR, Plasma Screen, AC Adapter Module substitutes battery. Works
>Perfectly. Good for diagnostics, automotive, marine, etc. Excellent
>condition. Buyer prepays with money order or check and pays shipping.
It sounds like a GridCase3. Probably worth $45 easy. That AC module is
definitely worth something. If I hadn't just bought a TRS-80 m600 and a
Televideo Portable PC, I'd probably go for it, but (luckily?) I already
have one. Sure would like that AC Module, though!

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