XT Power Supply help...

From: Julian Richardson <JRichardson_at_softwright.co.uk>
Date: Thu Apr 30 04:30:55 1998

>> > Could you simply be overloading it? >>
>> as long as its an xt power supply and not one from a 5150 pc, there should
>> no problems. the 5150 was only 63watts, which was good for maybe floppy
>> drives. the xt has an ~80 watt power supply
> ...

hmm, I've overloaded a standard XT (80W) supply before trying to run a
couple of the original 10MB hard drives (amongst other things!). Guess
it depends on what cards and stuff you're running (some of those old
full-length boards drew a hell of a lot of power...)

I've got an old pre-XT machine somewhere with the 63W supply, I seem to
remember it wouldn't even power one 10MB drive with motherboard and a
single floppy drive in place... I can't remember why on earth I even
tried it though, I don't think the pre-XT machines (what was their
proper title btw?) would even run a hard drive...


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