From: Doug Yowza <>
Date: Thu Apr 30 17:30:38 1998

On Thu, 30 Apr 1998, Tony Duell wrote:

> > BTW - I've been compiling a chronological list of every computer ever made
> I seem to recall there's a list of all computers ever made (or at least,
> the ones that people have mentioned...) on the web somewhere. In fact I
> submitted some machine names for it. You might like to look at that
> before you spend much longer on this, and submit any machines you've
> found that are missing to that list.

That would probably be Hans Pufal's list:

It would be tough (but valuable) to provide a truly comprehensive list.
Heck, I'd like to see a good computer taxonomy (you know, kingdom=digital,
phylum=silicon, class=portable, order=laptop, family=grid,
genus=1500-series, species=1535-EXP).

-- Doug
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