Lost Treasures (was: Cray-1)

From: Jack Peacock <peacock_at_simconv.com>
Date: Thu Apr 30 18:22:03 1998

>Some sick minded person might gut a NeXT cube and use it as >a little
stool for flowers at an exhibit of abstract art ;) >

In the early S-100 days (1975) the engineering lab I worked in got an
early Altair (we needed small cheap computers to embed in environmental
monitoring instruments). A few months later we got one of the first
IMSAIs. After about 3 minutes of comparing the two, we voted to use
IMSAIs and the Altair was relegated to being the doorstop for the lab
doors. I assume it wound up in a surplus action some number of years
after I left. BTW, the embedded controller we actually used in the
instruments was a single board Intel 8080, their evaluation kit board,
the precursor to Multibus. We used the IMSAIs to develop and test the
code in the lab.
        Jack Peacock
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