Suicidal HDD (OT mystery)

From: Max Eskin <>
Date: Thu Apr 30 20:22:09 1998

The speakers MIGHT be the problem. There is a pair of them, each
twice the size of an IMSAI, right beneath the macintosh
>> I posted this a few weeks back, but noone answered, so I'll ask it
>> again.
>Oh, what the heck, I'll make a few guesses...
>> There is a certain Macintosh 5400/180 at my school whose hard drive
>> crashed about a month and a half ago. When it tried to start, it
>> wouldn't really seek, just made a ticking noise and the LED would
>Is the disk spinning at this point? (feel the drive itself). Is it just
>that the positioner is not geting the heads where they should be?
>> flash. So, we took it out, ordered another one. A few days later,
>> it died the same death. So now we have another one. My ethics don't
>> allow me to just put in a hard drive knowing it will be destroyed.
>> What should I do? One hint is that the Macintosh is in a soundproof
>> booth, and is powered from the booth, which is plugged in. But, the
>> mac is plugged in via a "surge protector".
>> Ideas? Could it be bad power? Any way to check?
>It _could_ be a PSU problem, but IMHO it's unlikely, unless other parts
>of the mac are failing as well. If the disk is spinning and the rest of
>the mac is OK, I'd not suspect power problems at this time.
>Are there any strong magnetic fields (say _large_ speakers) very close
>it? I'm wondering if the servo information on the disks is being
>corrupted so the positioner can't lock onto a track.

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