Tony Cole's Cray-1

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Thu Apr 30 21:01:50 1998

On Apr 30, 9:40, Christian Fandt wrote:

> By the way, a second, more minor problem was my wife. When I was
> the size of the 9370 system before I brought it home, here eyes got real
> big and she stated: "Just where are you going to put that!??!"

This sounds familiar :-)

> And when I
> got two six foot tall 19"rack cabinets from an old machine controller at
> work that I tore down, I temporarily set them in the new garage sometime
> before we moved in. She spied them, stared at them for a few seconds and
> asked "What are _those_ monstrosities?" I had to do some quick

Even more familair :-)

> Wish I could afford a heated, insulated garage.

Just leave one or two running, like I do.

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