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From: Jason Willgruber <>
Date: Tue Dec 1 01:00:52 1998

>Hmm.. This should be easy. Install /bin/cat. The cat, as usual, will eat
>the fish.
Haven't tried that yet, but the /bin/cat/ folder is on the unaccessable

>Seriously, something is overheating. If you can get to the board with it
>in the machine, can you detect any semiconductor that's too hot. Where
>does the smell seem to be coming from - the HD controller, the machine's
>PSU, or where?
I'm figuring that the smell is coming from the HD controller board, getting
sucked through the P/S's tiny 1" fan, and blown out the top of the computer.
The HD controller is plugged in right next to the P/S. I think one of the
chips on the HD controller blew, because it was one of the common ailments
of the 1400.
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