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From: Geoff Roberts <geoffrob_at_stmarks.pp.catholic.edu.au>
Date: Tue Dec 1 00:01:02 1998

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>The green connect is labelled "G/MONO" so I'd be inclined to agree with

Mine are just labelled "R" "G" and "B"

>I at least knew that much. (: I was given a fat wodge of QIC tapes and
>DG/UX 5.4R3 at least was included as well as some older versions and
>possibly one newer.

Did better than me, I just got the bare boxes, no mice, no monitors, no
keyboards, no docs.

>Not surprising; they're an Intel/NT shop now for the most part. q: How

How right!

>> is the same connector as on a Sun, but not sure if the Sun mouse would
>> work or not, and I don't have one to try.
>Outwardly they are identical. Both are Mouse Systems optical mice
>(although the DG mouse doesn't say so). I dismantled the DG mouse and a
>spare Sun type-4 mouse to make sure, but the electronics and signalaling
>are wildly different. From cord conductor-count alone, I'd say the DG
>mouse is quadrature and the Sun mouse is serial.

Erk. That's going to make life difficult. Sun mice are $$ but at least you
get them. Any ideas where one would obtain a couple of the appropriate

>It is the same connector as on a Sun mouse, though.

Trap for the unwary I suppose.

Thanks for the info.


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