From: D. Peschel <>
Date: Tue Dec 1 02:59:19 1998

> Hey, Derek, there's a big different between being a list *moderator* and
> list *maintainer*. Which is it? (And, BTW, thanks for saving the list if
> it's the latter :-)

Oh, such gratitude. You don't want me to moderate the list, just maintain it?


Anyway, I'm currently the list owner. That means that the listproc software
lets me do useful things that normal people can't do. (I think there's one
other level above me -- list manager -- and I think I'm not allowed to change
certain things. For example, unless I'm wrong, we have alternate addresses
disabled, so you can't subscribe from one address and have messages sent to
another. And I don't think I can change that.)

The main benefit of my role is that the UW is now appeased, because they
don't have to run the list any more... I get to do that. :) But you're right;
the list is currently set to "unmoderated". I could set it to "moderated" if
everybody REALLY wants, and then messages would take longer to go through!
Or we could just stay on topic voluntarily. :)

> And what's the story with the old ClassicCmp website? I've never seen it
> myself.

I'm trying to extract the CD from Bill Whitson. Unfortunately, his car broke
down last week, so it hasn't happened yet. (More importantly, I don't have
the Apple //e I was gonna get from him.) Although he told me, "I hate cars.",
we just had a freak accident here in which someone shot a bus driver and the
bus toppled over the side of a bridge, bounced off an apartment building, and
crunched into the ground. So cars are looking pretty good right now. :)

-- Derek
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