VAX collectors attention

From: Bill Pechter <>
Date: Tue Dec 1 07:00:35 1998

> >I've got an 8530 and it's console here. It's a Pro380 IIRC.
> >It's front panel is marked Vaxconsole, but it has Pro380 on it somewhere
> >else
> >I think.... I'll have a look...
> At least on the North American models, there's a UL/CSA sticker near
> the power jack with the model designation (i.e. "PC380-AA").
> It certainly could've been a Pro 350 that originally shipped with the
> Venus. The ones I've seen are 380's, but I don't know if they're
> original or not. Since *the* definitive RT-11 Pro expert is on this
> list, I'm certain we'll get a good answer soon :-)
> As long as we're on the topic, anyone have a Ethernet card for the
> Pro that they'd like to sell? I'm willing to pay CA$H! (The goal
> is to put Alan Baldwin's TCP/IP for RT-11 on a Pro and run a web server.)
My mind slipped.

The Pro350 was used on the 85xx. The Venus (8650) used a special board
with a T-11 chip and an RL controller...

As far as the Pro ethernet... I'd kill for one too.

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