HP Laserjet Series II

From: Marty <Marty_at_itgonline.com>
Date: Tue Dec 1 11:23:20 1998

 A word of caution on replacing parts on these SX printers: when you
 reseat the connector for the main motor to the DC Power Supply, make
 certain the snap connector 'snaps' and that it isn't doesn't feel
 'mushy' or you may discover you have a false main motor error (error
 code 54 I believe) after having buttoned up the printer. Reseat the
 connector at least twice. Before replacing the top cover power it up,
 there are no interlocks involved and you needn't have the control
 panel attached to run an engine test. On the left or right side (I
 forget which side) bottom of the HP II you will see a hole about 1/8"
 in diameter. If you press the rubber membrane covered microswitch
 inside the hole the engine test will run and print a sheet with finely
 spaced parallel lines running longitudinally on the copy. This will
 verify the main motor connector was reseated properly and that the
 feed roller was replaced properly.
 On an SX (HP II, III, IID and IIID) engine always reseat these snap
 connectors prior to replacing parts such as the laser scanner (reseat
 both at the scanner and dc controller, and all sensors at the dc

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Subject: Re: HP Laserjet Series II
Author: classiccmp_at_u.washington.edu at internet
Date: 12/1/98 11:22 AM

 On Tue, 1 Dec 1998, Marty wrote:
> I have repaired literally hundreds of HP II's and HP III's over the
> past 10 years. The paper feed problem you mention is a piece of cake
> to repair (replace) and the parts are readily available at a very low
> price. Following are the parts you need:
> Atlantis 1-800-733-9155 (Norcross, GA)
> Impact Sales 1-800-280-4521 (Madison, WI- ask for Don)
> PC Service Source 1-800-727-2787 (Dallas, TX)
> Printer Works 1-800-235-6116 (Hayward, CA)
    Ya know.. this is what I get for even *dealing* with our MIS
 (Mostly Incompetent Shi*theads) dept... you'd think after 10 years
 with the same company I'd learn... I should have researched the
 roller prob myself....
   Anyway... I'm going to offer to take all those 'dead' HP IIs off
 the company's hands, and then *fix* the damn things, and **sell**
 them... or trade them for Stuff... the last time they dumpstered
 a whole storeroom I got tons of swappable Stuff.. woo hoo! I love
   Thanks VeryVery much for the roller and parts supplier info..
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