HP Laserjet Series II

From: Marty <Marty_at_itgonline.com>
Date: Tue Dec 1 11:55:57 1998

 Cleaning is an admirable thing to do but don't use alcohol. Use
 distilled water and a lint free cloth. Moreover, on an SX based
 printer (the HP II was introduced in 1987 I believe) cleaning the feed
 roller and separation pad may do the trick but I doubt it. The feed
 roller becomes glazed and hard and usually rubber restorer won't help.
 In most cases it turns out to be a glazed roller and/or a sticky
 clutch which is located on the end of the feed roller. I used to
 rebuild the clutches on these in the field (it is a 20 minute job at
 best, you need to disassemble the clutch, clean out the old
 contaminated lubriplate from the clutch spring, then reapply
 lubriplate and make certain you align the feed roller with the clutch
 cam) but these whole unit replacements are so cheap nowadays I
 wouldn't bother.

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Subject: Re: HP Laserjet Series II
Author: classiccmp_at_u.washington.edu at internet
Date: 12/1/98 12:05 PM

   How old are the machines? When is the last time they were CLEANED? I am no
 genius but the idea of CLEANING the rollers is, to me, a good one. Hope this
 suggustion helps you.
              John Amirault
 Max Eskin wrote:
> This is a couple of months off topic,but I'll post it anyway. At my school,
> there are a couple dozen Laserjet Series IIs. I've been trying to install
> four into one room, and for some reason almost every single one claims a
> jam right as soon as I tell it to print ( a self test, for example). The
> hardly gets out of the tray, it's generally just starting to get past the
> roller that pulls it in when the printer returns an error. Sometimes it does

> this, sometimes it doesn't. Any ideas?
> Thanks
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