HP Laserjet Series II

From: Marty <Marty_at_itgonline.com>
Date: Tue Dec 1 12:24:46 1998

 Strange but true: the CX engine predated the SX engine by several
 years yet Printer Works didn't produce a CX catalog until several
 years after their SX catalog. Yes the SX catalog is fantastic. The SX
 catalog has exploded views and covers every flavor of SX printer from
 an HP to Canon (that actually makes the engine) to Singer and Apple
 (Laserwriter II series), etc. The main difference between models being
 the I/O Formatter board.

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Subject: Re: HP Laserjet Series II
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 PrinterWorks (Hayward, CA) has (or HAD? could anything that good not
 have been discontinued?) "catalogs" for the CX and SX series laser
 printers. Besides some basic discussion, they have exploded views and
 part number identification.
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