Audio Cassette formats; Copy protection?

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Date: Tue Dec 1 09:20:27 1998

>::There are plenty of ways of preventing a BASIC program from being
>::Dunno how you prevent it being saved (and say 'BAD PROGRAM'), but I
>::probably figure it out given time... Anyone else?
> On the 64, you could type
> 10 remL
> (rem, then a shifted-L)
> and LIST will stop up with a ?SYNTAX ERROR when it hits that line.
> easy to defeat but annoying as heck. :-)

Same on Basic 2 PETS. On BASIC 1 you used shift-K.

Possibility that I thought of, but didn't try. Make the initial line a v.
high line number (>63999). Have the program start rem L, then disable the
stop key, then poke that line number to something smaller. Bit harder to
defeat but won't deter the determined cracker.

Mean trick I did use. In the middle of a subroutine I entered the line


I then found the _at_ sign and poked the location with 20 (ctrl-T, the PET

This now lists as RETURN but does nothing...

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