HP3000 help needed

From: Joe <rigdonj_at_intellistar.net>
Date: Tue Dec 1 23:18:32 1998

At 01:13 AM 12/2/98 +0000, you wrote:
>They're cheap over here as well - when you can find them. Actually, I've
>never seen a real HP9122. I've got a couple of 9121s, one I converted to
>a 9122 by fitting DS drives and fiddling with the links (I think) and a
>9123. That's all I've seen.

  I just passed up 4+ pallet loads of them at a scrap metal dealer's place.
9121, 9122 and 9123, both D and S models. I hated to see them scrapped but
I don't have room to save everything.

>> can buy them all day long for $10 each. Besides I've never found one with
>> bad electronics. It's allways the drive mechanism that fails in them.
>And the drives are Sony, and I have the service manual....

  I've never needed the service manual. The problem that I find is that the
grease on the mechanism dries out and the mechanism doesn't lift up all the
way. Then the user tries to force a disk in or out and it hits the top head
and tears it off. If you catch it before the head is damaged you can clean
the old grease off and relube it. It seems like only the double sided
drives have this problem.

>I had a trivial electronic fault (bad IC socket IIRC) on one of the
>9121s. Apart from that they've been very reliable...

   Yeap, I've never seen one fail other than the dried grease problem.
That's why I don't worry about fixing them. Besides if they're like a lot
of HP products, they're full of custom ICs that you can't get anyway.

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