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From: Julian Richardson <>
Date: Wed Dec 2 03:33:18 1998

>> NT - about a day to get set up and working (or not at all in this
>> case!). Needs lots of hardware. Costs lots.
>And I'm not paying for any of it, so who gives a rat's ass if some
>corporate blow-hard has his head so far in his rectum that he
>wants to run NT.

That's the whole problem though. It's not a personal dislike of NT that
annoys me, it's the fact that all this comes down on the end user - the
users of the systems/software that we produce, not necessarily our
direct customers - and forces them to use a shoddy system that's not up
to spec and costs a lot more that it has to.

NT's good for some things, especially on the client, (although even then
I'm from the camp that says that if a client-side app can't be done in
Java running within a browser then it isn't worth doing, so 200MB of NT
overhead kinda kills my argument!) but it's the fact that *most* people
have a "stick with what you know" policy (which is usually Win95 or NT,
but could be a UNIX system) that really gets to me, especially when
presented with hard figures to prove them wrong. I get frustrated
delivering solutions to end users when I know that there is a better,
cheaper and faster way (and yes, that is taking into account things like
support/maintenance costs), but don't have enough clout within a company
to say what systems to use and can only make recommendations which I
know will be ignored.

(phew.... deep breath! :*)

it can be a very, very crazy world...


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