Now VERY *OT* (hit delete now): RE: networking newbie

From: cswiger <>
Date: Wed Dec 2 08:29:42 1998

>> The management is not married to DOS/WIN/NT as a
>> "they are great" but rather it does the job for
>> the scale of business they are and within

>My friend is running Linux on his home PC, but if
>you didn't know any better (and if you didn't look
>close enough) you'd swear he was running Windows 95.
>The fact is that his desktop might as well BE Win95,

What's nice is being paid to support a win shop but
the mgmt lets you use a pc *nix for sysadmin, use
samba, put a telnetd on NT, etc. Your friend must
be using fvwm95 - I just got StarOffice last night,
all 70Mb of it.

For topical material - I'd love to find a Xenix or
SCO unix box o' 5 1/4" disks and manuals to run
on a 386 - used to see 'em for sale cheap at hamfests.

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