RSTS & the BRA81FH

From: Daniel A. Seagraves <>
Date: Wed Dec 2 13:33:38 1998

Remember when I dropped my 11/44 off a cart? The RA81 dropped from about 2',
and had crap (As in the other two BA-11) land on it. On later reassebling
the system in another room, it no logger booted. I assumed I'd finally
killed the RA81 (After also dropping it on Jeff's toes, and spinning it up
with the brakes on!) and let it sit.

Well, this morning, I got bored, and went back to playing with the 11.
Thought maybe I could talk it into doing something from the console. Found
out I'd had the SDI cable in the UDA50 backwards. Oops. Spin RA81 up,
say B DU0... RSTS loads.

THe drive is still alive. Throwing a few seek errors, but still readable.
The Bastard RA81 From Hell Lives Again.

I'm going to attempt backing it up to tape tomorrow. Think this would jinx it?
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