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From: Stephen Dauphin <ai705_at_osfn.org>
Date: Wed Dec 2 17:52:03 1998

Fresh from an Atari 8-bit mailing list. In Binghamton, NY. Note the
restrictions. Naive though they may be, at least his heart is in the
right place. Do not contact me. Use the email address in the quoted note

Date: Wed, 2 Dec 1998 17:39:18 -0500
From: jmagacs_at_ALTAVISTA.NET
Subject: This will make some 8-bitter's Christmas Wish come true

I am a formerly-avid 8-bitter who finally moved on to a Power Macintosh
after 14 years of Atari. My wife won't let me keep
my Atari stuff. While I could probably make a little money by selling it
piece-meal, I don't want the hassle. Instead I'd
like to give it for free to a worthy Atari 8-bit user group (do any still
exist?) or a dedicated 8-bit enthusiast.

My only restrictions are:

1. The recipient must take everything. There's too much to ship (15
boxes!) so they have to pick it up in the Binghamton,
NY area (probably using a van).

2. The recipient can not sell anything received from my collection.
Since I gave it away for free, anything the recipient
does not keep must in turn be given away for free. All subsequent
recipients must also abide by this requirement.

The collection of Atari 8-bit stuff includes the following (and more):
1. 5 800 XLs (one NEW in foam). 4 power supplies
2. 1 800/48K (very nice condition) - no power supply
3. 5 1050 disk drives (2 with ICD 1050 doubler upgrade)
4. 2 NEW 1050 drive mechanisms. One non-working 1050 drive mechanism
with an uninstalled timing LED that may fix it.
5. 1 MIO/256K - serial port non-functional. RAM-disk works fine.
6. 1 Taxan monitor with separate chroma/lumina input.
7. 1020 plotter with a BAGFULL of replacement pens.
8. 1030 modem and a Hayes 2400 baud modem.
9. XMM801 dot-matrix printer
10. 2 NEW light pens
11. Animation Station touch-tablet
12. 4 track balls. 2 Atari pro-line joysticks. 2 original Atari
joysticks. Paddle controller. Driving Controller (never
found a game that used it).
13. NEW RT-8 clock cartridge
14. Unassembled SIO2PC kit with software.
15. A HUGE assortment of software. Both productivity (all the First
XLent titles), NewStation, PrintShop, C compilers,
Forth, Atari Macro Assembler, Assembler Editor, all the ICD assemblers
and languages. 2 copies of Sparta DOS X, etc., and
lots of games (including Flight Simulator cart and two scenery disks).
Most are in original packaging. Also a lot of
loose cartridges and three cases of floppies.
16. Lots of books.
17. COMPLETE collection of Antic magazine. ANALOG from early 1985 to
end. COMPUTE from early 1985 to end. Most of Atari
18. Lots of documentation, Xeroxed articles, etc. about Atari 8-bits.

If you're interested in getting all this great stuff subject to the
above-stated restrictions, please email me:

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