Now VERY *OT* (hit delete now): RE: networking newbie

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Wed Dec 2 22:02:14 1998

< > costs. The user base however could never work with linux(unix).
< How wrong you are, Allison. How wrong you are.
< My friend is running Linux on his home PC, but if you didn't know any
< better (and if you didn't look close enough) you'd swear he was running
< Windows 95. The fact is that his desktop might as well BE Win95, becaus
< it is stolen from the look & feel of Win95. Its called the Star Office

Will it run paradox for windows, does the email work like outlook? Does
netscapr for linux look and feel like the windorers version? I
understand this user base was slow to accept and use computers. It's
important as *I* support the user base, maintain the systems and create
(or install) new applications and train the users, not *we*.

It's not a rant on linux, The comments I made were to the effect of
being impartial. If I had my way they'd be on OpenVMS.

< Suite. Find yourself a copy and install it on your Linux box. You'll

How much? Reply off line on this.

< never boot Win95 again. You'll never need to.

I never boot it here but work is a different case.

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