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From: Athanasios Kotsenos <>
Date: Thu Dec 3 07:39:48 1998

>>> Possibly. But I distinctly recall that when we recorded tapes for sale
>>> using the tape deck from my Sanyo stereo (not on a PET BTW - this was a
>>> micro) we found that Dolby noise reduction had to be disabled for it to
>>> work...
>> Did you try recroding with Dolby and then replaying on a machine with
>> Dolby noise reduction (turned on), or replaying on the normal cheap
>> cassette recorder that you use with computers? If the former, then I am
>> not suprised it didn't work - the frequency response would have been
>> rather odd. The latter should have worked, though.
>We didn't try recording with Dolby and playing back without. I'd be very
>surprised if that worked (did you mean it that way round).

I think it says record with Dolby on and play with Dolby on.

>I can't
>remember if we recorded with and played back with - I imagine that would
Should work. Because what Dolby does to the sound it undoes afterwards and
you theoretically have a recording closer to the original than normally
possible - without the extra hiss due to the recording process.
Theoretically you shouldn't lose any hiss from the original. But, even if
you did, the computer doesn't really need it.

 - but we definitely couldn't get it to work recording without and
>playing back with, although this actually works quite well for music.

I've noticed exactly the opposite. Recording with and playing without gives
a 'crisper' sound.

But, doing any of these two would be altering the sound.

>> I would be suprised if you couldn't make a CD that could be loaded. I
>> can't try it because I have no way of writing to a CD.
>I never meant to imply that you couldn't make a CD that could be loaded.
>What I meant was you probably have to be more sophisticated than old
>cassette -> digitised audio -> audio CD.
Why not? If it works for the tape then it will definitely work for the CD.

>I'd recommend old cassette ->
>signal restoration -> digital signal (0s and 1s sampled at some highish
>speed) -> possibly prefilter to pre-emptively undo the CD player's output
>filter -> digitised audio -> audio CD.
Possibly a better result. If you know what you are doing.

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