OK, I'm stuck. I need a RSTS tape.

From: Daniel A. Seagraves <DSEAGRAV_at_toad.xkl.com>
Date: Thu Dec 3 10:54:54 1998

I think INIT's corrupt. Specifically, SAVRES.
I'm trying to shove the RA81 on a tape. I say SAVRES, from DU0: to MS0:,
and it says INITIALIZING FIRST SAVE SET or something along those lines,
shoves the tape around for about 45 minutes, then says STARTING SAVE FROM
DU0: TO MS0: AT XX:XX AM (or something similar) and hangs there (not doing anything)
for a few minutes, after which it traps through 10. (Illegal Instruction, I

Does anyone have a RSTS 8.0-07 tape I can suck just INIT off of? Is there
any way to do this under timesharing? I don't have BACKUP...
Seems someone's removed that too.
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