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From: Daniel T. Burrows <dburrows_at_netpath.net>
Date: Thu Dec 3 18:05:14 1998

>Calls to mind leaving silly messages on the dot-matrix LED display of an
>HP LaserJet 4 printer... some of my favourites to leave were:
>"17 COLON BLOCKED" (17 was the error code with no error associated)
>Colon blocked turned out to be too plausible, though, and people ended up
>coming to me with very concerned expressions. Oh well.
Looks like you like to play tricks on users as well. I used to send "FATAL
SYSTEM CRASH" on networked PDP11's, VAXstations and Alphastations. It is
amazing the panic that things like that will create. Not to mention the
"Virus" messages to opa0: on April 1.
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