OT|Re: Off topic posts (was Re: SUBSCRIBE CLASSICCMP)

From: Will Emerson <wpe101_at_banet.net>
Date: Thu Dec 3 20:10:23 1998

My vote (FWIW) is YES.

Aaron Christopher Finney wrote:
> On Tue, 1 Dec 1998, D. Peschel wrote:
> > This is getting pretty far off-topic, I think.
> ---- BEGIN RANT ----
> Perhaps if those responding to posts with something that is off-topic or
> that changes the subject would change the subject header to:
> A) Reflect the actual content of the message, with a reference to the old
> message and/or
> B) Indicate that the reply is off topic, with the letters OT as a prefix
> ...we could avoid the usual flame war and reposts of the FAQ. That way,
> people who don't want to read anything but messages concerning the
> collecting/restoration of classic computers can either hit the delete
> button or automatically filter out any messages who's subject contains
> "OT" and those who like a casual, conversational atmosphere can enjoy the
> social dialog. I often enjoy the tangent threads here, but I can't stand
> trying to follow a discussion when 10 messages with the same, exact
> subject are about 10 completely different topics. This point has been
> brought up before, and, IMHO, it's really just a common courtesty that
> could save us all a lot of unnecessary grief.
> ---- END RANT ----
> :wq
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