OT: Carpets producing static

From: Athanasios Kotsenos <a.kotsenos_at_rca.ac.uk>
Date: Fri Dec 4 11:23:11 1998

>No, including information is never silly.

Too true.

>> That makes sense. Let's hope I didn't fry it when I dropped it on the
>> carpet. It's been raining here for months though so the air is definitely
>You have _carpet_ in your workshop? Oh well....
>I remember someone commenting in Byte (I think) that computer shops went
>downhill when they started carpeting them. After all, who'd walk across a
>carpeted floor carring a MOS chip?

Our computer room here is carpeted as well... Not a very good idea...
I just take a walk across the room and touch something and I get a cute
shock. Sometimes they're not so cute. I'm now getting them off the front of
the screen of one of the PCs (It's a Sony).

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