From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Fri Dec 4 13:05:24 1998

Ok here's one for all those of you familiar with the older IBM iron. I
have just fallen into a unit that looks much like a TRS-80 model 3 or 4
(all in one in other words) that has two 8" floppies, a CRT, built on
keyboard. It says it's a model 5322 and the face says it's a System/23
unit. This is before my time I'm sure (my time in messing with pooters).
It has a 9 pin d-sub with a jumper loop on back and then further up the
back it has another, but open, 9 pin female d-sub. Token ring maybe, or
where a twinax adapter might go?

Whatever info you have would be great, and if anyone has an interest in
this heavy bugger let me know. I haven't even powered it up yet but it
does have an original IBM floppy in it, not even sure if it's a boot
disk or not.

I have a weird feeling it's a wordprocessing terminal. It even has a
keyboard overlay that sits above the keys.

Russ Blakeman
Harned, KY
Received on Fri Dec 04 1998 - 13:05:24 GMT

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