FORSALE(Bids): uVaxes,Monitors,Network,DG Aviions + FREE STUFF

From: Dean A. Nelson <>
Date: Fri Dec 4 12:50:20 1998

Here are the current bids on my computer stuff:
If you want to bid, do so by end of today (friday).
No reasonable offer will be rejected.

(Please be very specific with any bids or requests for free stuff)

----MICRO VAXES and DG Aviions-----------
VaxStation 3100 M76, 32MB Ram (Model VS43A-CY) $75
Vax Server 3100, 16MB Ram (Model DJ-31ESA-A-A01) $75
MicroVax 3100-40, 16MB Ram ( Model 450ZM-B9-A01) $100

Data General Aviion Model AV 410 64mb (DG/UX) $60
Data General Aviion Model AV 410 64mb (Boots to HW) $30

DEC 19" - Model VR299-DA (Works) $50
DEC 19" - Model VR299-DA (Works) NO BIDS
Data General 17" Trinitron GDM-1601 (works) NO BIDS

-----Network Bridges----------
Vitalink VX350 4 port/V.35 Ethernet NO BIDS
Vitalink TRANSlan 350 8 port/V.35 Ethernet NO BIDS

2 DEC LK201 keyboards $5 each
6 DEC LK201 keyboards NO BIDS

------FREE STUFF (you just pay the shipping)---------------

Core Intl Hard Drive Model: AT72 (72MB) UP FOR GRABS
19" rack mount hard drive enclosures w/ps TAKEN
Desktop hard drive chassis for 2 full height drives. UP FOR GRABS (maybe)
19" Modem rack with 8 modems (2400 baud) UP FOR GRABS


For any Questions during the day:
Dean dot Nelson

To send a bid or questions:
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