OT: Carpets producing static

From: John Foust <jfoust_at_threedee.com>
Date: Fri Dec 4 14:30:05 1998

At 07:53 PM 12/4/98 +0000, Athanasios Kotsenos wrote:
>>Not so with ultrasonic humidifer, lots and lots of dust generated
>>from that thing.
>Ultrasonic and humidifier? How does that work?

Inexpensive ultrasonic humidifiers essentially break up water into
small bits and then fan them into the air, meaning anything in your
water such as calcium, salt, etc. is now in the air. As those droplets
evaporate as they should, the other material becomes dust that will
collect electrostatically on electronic equipment, plastics, etc.

As someone else on the list implied, any more old-fashioned humidifier
(which may be even more inexpensive than the ultrasonics) that merely
exposes water to blowing air isn't prone to this sort of dust generation.

I used an ultrasonic humidifier for a *very short* time until I
discovered this nasty side-effect as all my monitor screens became
frosty white, and the plastic and metal cases of equipment became
dusted in static-y patterns.

- John
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