OT: Carpets producing static

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Date: Fri Dec 4 11:41:43 1998

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> At 01:44 PM 12/4/98 -0700, Jim Strickland wrote:
> >So I assume if you feed the ultrasonic vaporizer distilled water it doesn't
> >do this?
> Yes, although it's faster to turn a dollar bill into vapor using a match.
> - John

Correct. Cheaper and bit savings on the bills becuse of no
electronics to spin the motor to blow air and cool the electronics
and vibrate the disc in that ultrasonic vapourizer. That disc
degrades with use which is poor in my experience with one unit. An
pair of stainless flat bars in a special cartidge both dunked in
tapwater, boiling a head of steam by the conduction of resistance
current making heat.

The *STEAM* sprewed forth by any methods is pure distilled water and
that is exactly how distillers gets their distilled water. This
process is by condesing the steam back to liquid by cooled surface
and allowed to drip into tank then packaged, shipped.

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