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From: Max Eskin <kurtkilg_at_geocities.com>
Date: Fri Dec 4 18:04:07 1998

On Fri, 04 Dec 1998, you wrote:
>The community college I attended made sure that all the MPE manuals were
>locked up, and had arranged for the local HP office to screen requests for
>manuals and try really hard to avoid selling them to students. Lord knows
>you wouldn't want students to actually learn how to use the system.
>I suppose this was some sort of misguided attempt at security through
>obscurity. We figured out how to do a lot of things we weren't supposed
>to, but we certainly weren't able to learn enough about MPE for it to
>be a marketable skill :-(
>And to think that I actually paid real money for the priviledge of being
>prevented from learning about the computer :-( :-(

My sentiment exactly, though I'm getting this wonderful service for free :)
Here at school two days ago, I was trying to fix a Windows 95 "security breach"
(kind of like trying to sew an interdimensional wormhole together); I was using
the MS-DOS prompt and using ping and tracert to find out why the computer
wouldn't log on to the network properly. My teacher says, "You do of course
realize, Max, that there are three pairs of curious eyes watching what you're
doing? I don't want you showing them the NT Server Prompt". I gently explained
what it really was but he objected just the same. Wouldn't want to distract the
kids from learning how to use powerpoint. Today, he told them that a website
should work like a powerpoint presentation. I stood there with my mouth wide
open. How is somebody supposed to learn in this atmosphere? I'll bet when my
school used the IBM System/34 students learned quite a bit more...

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