Whose is that program to spawn that *.xls files?

From: Zane H. Healy <healyzh_at_ix.netcom.com>
Date: Fri Dec 4 22:29:18 1998

>I have heard of a package called StarOffice (word processor, spreadsheet,
>that can deal with these. StarOffice (free, IIRC) runs under linux,
>and possibly a few others.
>I haven't tried it, but a co-worker has, and he's impressed.....
>And, no, I don't know where he downloaded it from.....

A friend at work was testing it out, it's very impressive, he was able to
open all the Excel documents he tried out. The only problems we noticed
with 5.0 was that it's kind of sluggish on a PPro 150 w/64Mb, and any child
windows are forced to stay inside the main window. I'm getting ready to
give it a try on my home system. Version 5.0 is free for personal use, and
is close enough to Microsoft Office to be frightening. It has the added
advantage of being the most professional feeling one out there (I've used
Applix before and didn't like it).

Also Corel is supposed to be releaseing it's Office Suite, which includes
WordPerfect 8.0 on Linux. I believe it will also be free for personal use.

Of course I would assume that the personal use versions aren't as
functional as the commercial ones.

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