From: Jay Jaeger <>
Date: Sat Dec 5 08:54:09 1998

I built one, once upon a time, out of a Univac keypunch keyboard and some
TTL logic.
Worked great. Used it on my Altair for years Really nice LOUD CLICKS.
Loved it.

I suspect this would be tough to do with a modern PC keyboard, but if you
look at
really old stuff (like at a state/university surplus sale or some such) you
might find


At 05:05 AM 12/5/98 -0500, cswiger wrote:
>A question for the collective wisdom and distributed awareness of
>the list:
>Anybody ever run across parallel ASCII keyboards, something suitable
>for interfracing to a 6820 port? Serial terminals & kbrds seem much
>more common - kbrd isn't really a bandwidth hog - but all my software
>was coded for a parallel port.. Currently I'm using the joystick ports
>of an Atari 800 (another 6820) - which is actually kinda nice
>(a programmable keyboard!) but would eventually like to find the
>real thing.
> Chuck
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