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From: Marion Bates <Marion.Bates_at_Dartmouth.EDU>
Date: Sat Dec 5 10:50:10 1998

Hey all -- sorry if this is uninteresting -- I have no idea about the age/value/rarity of these machines, but the CS dept here is selling them, and if anyone's interested, email me privately. This is forwarded from the lab admin. -- MB

* DecStation 500 - the old risc (not alpha) Dec, with
keyboard, mouse, and video cables, but without monitor
and scsi disk. Apparently these run FreeBSD, though
I have never tried it. They don't run Linux.
$100 each.

* Sun IPC - one of the early sparc architecture machines,
it is old enough that most people have never heard of it.
I believe that it won't run the newest Sun OS. With
a huge 19" or so color monitor, 16 meg memory, and hard drive.
One only. $250

* Mac IIci - I have about ten of these puppies, no
monitors, but probably a mouse and keyboard if you act fast.

* Sun computation center - a Sun-60 desktop server with scsi disk,
a sun-120 vme-bus machine with non scsi tape controller,
and a 9 track reel-to-reel tape drive. You must remove
the (very heavy) tape drive from the rack that it is in.
This was much faster than the Vax 11-780 that used to
be the heavy Unix machine on campus, back in '89.
$250 takes it all. Bring a truck.

Small print:
 All sales are final. This equipment is sold "as is" with
absolutely no warranty. I am not able to answer any questions
about software installation or setup. You can try the
equipment if you want to do all the lugging. The equipment must
be removed from Sudikoff Lab within a month - if I find it
around after that I will throw it away! There may be
viable operating systems on the disks of any machines with
disks, but I am not selling any rights to use the software or
offering upgrades or replacements. (I believe that the Sun
right to use goes with the equipment.)

 Prices are negotiable. In cases where a disk is included I
will sell the item for substantially less without the disk
or disk enclosure.

 If you have to ask how, it is probably not for you....
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