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Date: Sat Dec 5 19:51:47 1998

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> No go Russ, I tried the ATA both from Dos and from Procomm Plus. I also tries
> "+++" to no avail. Any other Ideas?
> On Sat, 05 Dec 1998 22:00:58 -0600, you wrote:
> >You may try sending the string ECHO ATA >COMx (x is the comport number) at the
> >DOS prompt to see if it wakes up and makes a hellacious scream (that will quit in
> >a few seconds). If so then the modem will stay asleep until an intialization
> >string is sent to it.
> >

I have read many compaq manuals, you need to d/l the utilities from
compaq and use I think mode program is what does that or something
like that., site guide, support resources, portables, out
of production, select SLT 286.

Oh rats, no utilities easier enough to find for that poor guy! :(
any solutions?

Jason D.

Still user of parted out and breaking down LTE 386s/20 and former
owner of SLT 286 and 386s/20, soon to be a new owner of Aero 4/25!
Pero, Jason D.
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