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Date: Sun Dec 6 14:01:10 1998

At 13:13 12/06/98 -0500, you wrote:
>On Sat, 5 Dec 1998, dave dameron wrote:
>> Fair Radio sales has (in their last cat.) 3 parallel keyboards for US$10,
>> "Cheap" because "the IBM PC standard killed the market for them".
>> They are at:
>On a related note, wasn't there a electronics surplus dealer of some
>sort, perhaps based in Massachusetts, called "Meshna"? I'm wondering if
>someone knows whether they are still in business. Any web search turns
>up nothing.

Ooooh, yes! Please confirm this. Last I ordered from them was back in the
early 80's. I got a bunch of military surplus radio pieces from them for my
collection. Been thinking of tracking the company down recently.

I remember clearly they often had drum memory units, PSU's and misc.
computer bits. I was never into old computers until the past several years.
I still have an old mid-80's catalog that I uncovered while moving earlier
this year.

Regards, Chris
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