FYI HP-HIL Re: OT HP vectra networking

From: Joe <>
Date: Sun Dec 6 23:34:09 1998


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>From: Joe <>
>Subject: HP-HIL Re: OT HP vectra networking
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>At 08:43 PM 12/6/98 -0800, you wrote:
>>The connector on my Vectra has two dots on the 'cable' of the plug depicted
>>above the connector. I"m assuming that this means I can connect two devices
>>to the one connector?
> No, the two dots tells you which end of the HP_HIL cable to plug into
that port. They have nothing to do with how many things you can connect to
the port. The two ends of the cables are different electrically but the
same physically. You have to be sure and match the number of dots on the
socket with the number of dots on the plug that you plug into it. Most of
the HIL devices have two ports, one that goes back to the computer (maybe
through another device) and the second port lets you hang even more HIL
devices on the chain. Within limits, you can hang as many HP-HIL devices as
you like on the port. I think the only limitaion is the amount of power
that the computer can supply to the devices. Generally that means about 9
devices. However, most people only put a keyboard and mouse on there.
>>What would you want for a mouse (someone offered me a keyboard for the cost
>>of shipping if he can get it)? Do I need any special drivers to the mouse,
>>or is it automatically recognized?
> It's recognized automaticly but some software won't use it. For example,
there's only one piece of software for the HP 150 Touch Screen II that will
use the mouse. I expect the newer HP-UX software will make more use of it.
> Joe
>> -Jason Willgruber
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